Drop it while it’s HOT!!

Stop thinking about it, stop pondering, stop wondering whether it will work, quit asking questions as to when is the best time, stop giving yourself more excuses why you should take your time and reconsider, don’t listen anymore to the worries and doubts of your “friends” and family, no longer give and weight to the alarms of the media and social temperature of the day, you’ve wasted to much time, you procrastinated too long, you allowed the day to pass by, and the years to fly by, it is nearing the evening in your life and the night is at hand, what you were going to do, and what you have continually thought about, will never become real if you don’t get up, and get to it TODAY! You will ever give you credit for what you thought about doing and considered to be a grand and innovative idea, it is only what is made flesh by your action and movement that ever gets noticed, looked upon, appreciated, and enjoyed. You have been so uniquely created and so divinely gifted to bless this world with all you have imagined. Please do not let us down by your fear and fixation on doing it all tomorrow. Here is a little hint…….Tomorrow will never come!!!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr. Practical Personal Development

Practical wisdom, for practical lives, practical words, to practical people, from a practical guy!



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