How to be successful at everything.

One of the greatest keys to being succesful at anything you ever set forth to accomplish, is the skill and principle of recognizing seasons, time and opportunity. This by far is the single most greatest thing necessary insure advancement and growth in any area. The idea is that, for everything there is a season and if you can realize, recognize, capitalize and materialize within this time frame everything you touch will turn to gold. The converse is equally true in that, if you make an attempt to step forth into something new (or old) outside of YOUR season, it will inevitably be a chore, a bore, and probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever attempt. When the season is not right for you venture you will see little to no success. It’s a lot like planting seeds and harvesting. A tree or plant has a time of sowing, seeding and being planted, and then a time of watering, cultivating, pruning, and finally harvesting (or picking or reaping). If any of these actions are done out of order, the results are never fully effective. The planted seed will not reach its full growth and ripeness or will become withered and die early. It’s a principle and it works in agriculture, and in real life.
Make sure what you are doing is at the right time and in the right season for you and it. You, stuggle less, and enjoy it more!!!!

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