Protecting your seeds of Time & Creativity – (Intellectual property protection)

As we operate today in this information rich, technologically advanced universe, it is fundamental that everything we put our efforts and time towards accomplishing is completed utilizing good stewardship principles. That means that you make sure that your investments and energy are not put forth in vain and to waste. Why would you spend all of your valuable un-replaceable time and creativity accomplishing a task and not allow it to bring forth the harvest that every seed planted should. It is essential to treat your efforts and useful and necessary for the good of all mankind. So many people benefit from the gifts you’ve been gifts and are now sharing, and it is important that they are not exploited or perverted by others to cause what you’ve done to fall by the wayside. As you seek to step out and speak life and vision to the masses through your work, you’ve got make sure and protect what you’ve done through the legal means available to you. For many, carelessness, procrastination and just plain laziness will cause them to skip filling out the necessary forms required to provide protection for their literary and creative works. This is a gamble for any one. Why not just sign your freedoms away, or open up the window and turn on the fan that your money may blow away freely and possibly find some needy soul to endow. The frustration often appears out of the perception of difficulty and complexity in filling out and submitting the right stuff, at the right time, to the right place. This is not a strange and unfamiliar occurrence, yet there is an answer, that will give you some ease and protect you at the same time. Now considering that you and I are conscience about what it is we are spending cash on and for what reason, we are not going to consider handing the task off to another individual, although this definitely and option to consider if need be. We are concerned with empowering ourselves and those around us to achieve knowledge and understanding in what we can do and accomplish with our own strength and intellect. Therefore we step up to step forth and tackle this assignment together on our own.

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr. Practical Personal Development

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2 Responses to “Protecting your seeds of Time & Creativity – (Intellectual property protection)”

  1. 1 Sister Lenita September 7, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    A note for all of the blogs (so I don’t have to comment on every single one). Very interesting…. I didn’t intend on reading all of them, but once I started reading it was hard to stop. Very interesting, very educational, very motivating. To sum it all up-That was DEEP. That’s the kind of stuff people need to post on their refridgerator! I know I need to:)

  2. 2 Kenny September 7, 2006 at 11:43 pm

    Thanks for the repsonse. If you’ve been blessed, I’m sure someone else would be too! Share the wealth and I’ll keep on writing as I’m inspired! Thanks again.

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