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5 days & 5 minutes to better Organization – Day 1

Get it together, or don’t get it at all. You’ve got to get organized today, and now. Do you know how much time you are wasting everyday by not being organized. What takes you an hour to finish should only take you maybe 10 minutes. You are basically being overworked and underutilized, and you are contributing to this phenomenon everyday. Here is your chance to finally take some action and get your stuff straight. First things first; you’ve got to realize that organization starts in your mind and in your thought process. It’s all about systems. A creative systematic approached to everything, is how you bring clarity, structure and organization to your life. For the most part, the reason so many people are disorganized is because they have complicated their lives with random sporadic activity which cannot be traced to any real reasoning or cause. They wake up and jump into their day, absent from any purpose or direction and hope to accomplish many things…….something…….…anything. They will always succeed in accomplishing something but, it will not be a peaceful, productive, and efficient day. They are consistent in one thing, chaos. You must take control of your life by taking control of your year, by taking control of each month, by taking control of each week, by getting a handle on every day, by taking control of each hour….you get the point. At most this article should take you roughly 5 minutes or less to read and re-read and afterward you should be well on your way to bringing sanity back into your disorganized lifestyle.
The mental game you must play is to begin to break everything down you must accomplish everyday into small systems or procedures. These small systems will form the building blocks to a larger complete system that will be the basis of clarity to you and your life for every week, month and year. The idea is that it’s not what you have or do not have that makes you more organized, but rather what you do or do not do that does. You can go out and purchase a nifty shiny new pocket protector, day runner, organizer chart, file cabinet, computer software, briefcase with suede lining and built in calculator, palm pilot, or whatever else you may come up with or Google online and in the techie magazines. None of this stuff will ever do you any good if you are oblivious to using it correctly, effectively, and consistently. It just won’t work. Organization begins and ends with consistent habitual repetition. There is nothing more and nothing less to it. You decide on what you will do, and you do it over and over again. In the beginning you will no doubt experience a little bit of a challenge in sticking to the system. But if you can commit to 5 days of doing the same thing over and over again, you will have in fact created a new positive habit for yourself. You do know, habits good or bad begin this way right; and that is exactly what we’re trying to accomplish.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you are always missing important papers and therefore important information and appointments. You must first create a system for receiving the papers, and processing them. In other words, what do you allow to enter into your life at all? You do not have to receive or bring home every piece of information given to you. You need to consciously decide at the time it is presented whether or not it is valuable enough for you to allow into your space. If not, leave it where it is and save yourself the headache. If you decide you need it for whatever reason then take it and place it in your designated temporary location of storage. Now here is the critical point. If this is going to work, the place of storage must be used for this purpose and this purpose alone. It cannot be a place for permanency or for leisure things that are of no importance to you at all. What you are going to do is, place the paper here when you get them, then whenever you have time, like back at home with a free hour, you will go through the papers again and then place them in their proper final resting place. What often happens to so many people is that they misplace the papers before ever getting them home. Remember, there will be a home for these articles of info, because you’ve already established that they are needed in your life Right! So to start, let’s find you a small accordion file, preferably one that is nice enough to carry around in the car and durable enough that it won’t be damaged easily. There are lots out there, so check the department stores and pick up one today. You’ll be glad you did it! Hurry up and get it and we’ll meet back here for the Day 2 session! Happy Organizing!

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