“Break the Rules & Live Like you should” – Part 1

        Isn’t it amazing that we spend a great portion of our lives living up to some particular standard or criteria set by someone else? We go to school and learn to obey the school rules, there are civil laws we must obey, and general respected and accepted rules of society. Some rules however are meant to be broken. There are natural rules that we have a habit of transferring into our spiritual lives and give them full reign to govern our mental, emotional & spiritual activity.  

Rule 1: Haven’t you heard of Gravity             

               One rule states that what goes up must come down. This rule in the spiritual realm causes many a man to fear growth and the challenges of advancement because we think it will be short lived and ultimately fail. Truth is we all have been given the chance to succeed and reach our greatest potential if we so desire and step forth to do so. This opportunity came when we broke through the birthing canal and came forth into this world from our mother’s womb. Isn’t it something that the people who remind you of this rule are often themselves either chosen not to grow, or are in a position or level that they themselves fear will end soon. Some rules were established out of complete fear of those of whom the rules & laws would be imposed upon. The institution of slavery was such an area where there were many rules created to prevent rebellion and to keep human beings from becoming all they could be spiritually, emotionally and mentally. You must take the position that I will prepare myself to succeed and plan for continual growth. There are always challenges and obstacle with any advancement, but it’s what makes it worthwhile. Your strength and fortitude are increased with every rung you climb. It takes strength to endure the climb, and if you move along, without skipping the treacherous steps it may include, you will be more than strong enough to not only survive, but to prosper. 

Rule 2: History always repeats itself                      

                    This rule basically tells us that situations and conflicts of the past will always be relived in present and future generations. It also speaks that there is nothing new under the sun and that if it has already happened it will destined to occur again, although with different characters and surroundings. In order for you to break this rule you believe that whatever it is, it has got to work in my favor or it can not come into my world at all. I’m speaking of things like family curses and bad habits that keep creeping up in your family and will not seem to die. Things like financial problems and lack of direction and motivation to succeed in anything are all examples of this rule. Maybe you can look back in your own family line and see traces of careless and frivolous living, and if you are not careful, you will adopt the rule and stop living with any purpose. A directionless past does not conclude that your future will be one full of hopeless wondering. You must change your future despite your past. Very day is a new day fresh from any sourness of a life ridden in guilt from mistakes and shortcomings. This breath and these thoughts are brand new. They are not borrowed from yesterday; you got new chances and new opportunities for greatness. Open up a book, meet a new person, try a new hobby, start a new career, open up a business, or try some new food. Change your mind and revive your soul, and leave the thoughts of yesterday where they lie. It’s a new season and a new day. 

More rules to Come! 

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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