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Here’s an excercise for a new begining:

Start by listing all the people in your life that have made any contribution to your growth whether they were sweet about it and meant you well or if they were nasty and mean and wanted you to fail. Write every name down, and how they have influenced what you do in life, where you are in life, and what you’ve learned through life. For the mean and nasty, write a general letter that says thank you for being the obstacle in my life that made me work harder, think different, go another way, move to another place, and just plain wake up. To the sweet and supportive, wirte one that says thank you for helping remember that I could be better, do better, live better, and think higher. Send it to yourself in the mail via snail mail, two letters, two envelopes, and then place them in a place unopened. Whenever you need to remind yourself of your worth and whether you’re headed in the right direction, just unseal the letters,open them up and read about where you’ve come from and what it took to get you here. It will remind you of the road past and strengthen you for the road ahead. Be blessed and encouraged. Know that everything you’ve faced is only making you for your greater tomorrow. DOn’t go past it, or over it, plw through and overcome it. You can, you will, you shall, you must, SURVIVE!!!!!!

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