“Break the Rules & Live Like you should” – Part 2

Rule 3: Believing is Seeing: 

        This rule suggests that the proof of something being reality and of real substance is at the point  you can actually see it, touch it, taste it or smell it. This idea is somewhat limiting in that there will be many things that will never manifest or come into your life physically on their own, but will require some intervention by yourself. Much of what we do and the motivation to do it stems from what we feel or see. So it is a circular problem we have here. We can’t desire it because we don’t see it, and so we don’t pursue it. And we can’t have it if we don’t pursue it. Therefore this is definitely a rule worth looking into and preparing our minds to break at the roots. This one requires a new attitude and perspective on pursuits and goals.           

            The most important things that will come into our lives will be those birthed out of a heart centered soul driven march towards it without reservation as to whether we can have it or not. Our friends, lover, spirituality, education, careers, business, and joys were sought after relentlessly despite the possibility of rejection. We thought about it, daydreamed, envisioned them, and started towards their direction. Considering having a vision, this rule’s wording does have some merit in that there is a level of sight in play here, but it is not the sight that occurs with our natural pupils. It is an inner view that peers into the unknown and unseen things of life and allows us to grab hold of an intangible thing. It make the impossible possible and the infallible believable. Vision in the heart and soul causes us to move pass what we see in front of us naturally, and push towards what we believe is ahead of us spiritually and emotionally. A better word for this is the “F” word we hear so often and use so much. Faith is indeed the reality to the unreal, and the fullness of an empty today. Because we are completely limited physically to living in the present, in order to lay hold of anything beyond today, it must be captured through breaking the rule set by this social body and laying hold to a new law whereby you can envision a thing, and cause every member of your body to move towards it. It will happen, it will come, it shall be done, and it is so!           

            The gift of faith comes from God. It is the assurance in the Almighty One to deliver, and to perform. It is the guarantee that He is faithful to His word, and that if he has birthed a thing in you, you can walk as though it has already been manifested in you. Cash the check because it never bounces. After all, he’s the banker too!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.Practical Personal DevelopmentPractical wisdom, for practical lives, practical words, to practical people, from a practical guy!



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