Make sure it’s worth it!

Whatever you do, for whatever reason, make sure it is worth it. Don’t ever do anything just to do it if it takes valuable time from you and yours. Get Real! People will always allow you to give of yourself until the giving is gone. And if you have no real reason to do it you will soon find out that you’re left with nothing but lost time and energy. People come and people go. When you’re around you’ll be utilized for what you can be, and if and when you’re gone it’ll be NEXT!!!!! Face it, they will get over you, and someone will take your place. When it’s good they’ll look for more, when it’s bad they’ll say you’re not doing what you said you would! Bottom line is, if it’s not meaningfull and worth trading the priceless and irreplaceable time you have.
REMEMBER, you will never get the time you’ve spent back…..EVER!!!!

Just a thought for ya.

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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September 2006

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