Whatever you do, don’t die here.


There is persistence and confidence, and then there is plain dangerously harmful to your health. You’ve got to realize the difference between the two in order to stay alive. Since we are here to provide practical development information, let’s explore the issue from a personal life standpoint. As we go through our lives, growing older and experiencing changes at every milestone, we gather valuable information that assists us in making decisions later on in life. Most decisions we make are influenced by our lives conquests and experiences. Some of our choices are regretfully hasty and leave us later questioning the validity and soundness of such decisions. After such questioning, we are often paralyzed by those same experiences and learned lessons to stay exactly where we are no matter what the case and circumstance. If it’s hurtful, we keep getting hurt. If it’s depressing, we are waking up every morning depressed. If it’s degrading, we sink further and further down in degradation.

The irony of it all is that we are accustomed to holding on to what we know is hurting us and causing us grief. It becomes the familiar thing and comfortable place. If we are not careful, we begin to adjust to the climate as it gets worst, and leave ourselves open for whatever level of severity may result. It is like the toad that is placed in a pot of water. If you begin to gradually add heat to the pot, the frog’s body temperature and skin tolerance will adjust to the temperature of his environment or the water. As you bring the water to boil, it will be too late and the frog’s fate will have been sealed. Our dilemma is to awaken out of our slumber and refuse to adapt to the negativity life has to offer. There is a place beyond what you’re experiencing now, and it is reserved just for you. Happiness is available, and joy and peace will come with it. You were created for more than you’ve been experiencing, and you’ve got to refuse to die where you are. Life today is knocking at your door. I mean good life and great success. Whatever you do, please don’t die where you are right now. I command you to LIVE!!!!!


Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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