Don’t apologize for your mistakes!

Decisions in life will not always return results that are pleasing and expected. Sometimes the results will be downright nasty and hurtful. Nevertheless, don’t stop making decisions for yourself, and stepping out on dreams that you feel are calling you from your comfort zone. This is the way greatness is birthed and realized. In the face of public embarassment and possible disgrace, men and women have chosen to be different and proceed in a direction less popular than the masses. This activity allows you to grow and become a better more rounded individual. After all, anyone can stay close and play it safe. It’s the ones that dare to believe in the impossible that often witness the invisible. On the way, you will inevitably make a mistake or two and slip and fall. Get up, and get up fast. Dust yourself off and keep moving. Even if you have to take a moment to re-group, do it and be on your way. Learn from yesterday, and walk on top of every mistake. Let them be lessons and beacons to guide you through tomorrow’s challenges. Don’t apologize for having high standards and reaching up to achieve them. Stop saying you’re sorry for wanted more and pushing harder. You will pull others up when you stand up and live different. There’ s a hunger inside you that needs to be filled. You were created by greatness, with greatness, for greatness!

Blessings to you!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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