Prepare for war in Peace time.

These few words are being written and inspired from a few incidences I encountered very recently. It comes out of the need to encourage us to stop procrastinating when it comes to preparing for the inevitable things of life. While I am definitely not a proponent for worry, doubt and fear, I do understand that preparation for future needs and uncontrollable circumstances is definitely in order. I speak today really general and not as specific as I can, only to spark the thought in you and generate dialogue in your mind. We must take the time now to give attention to what will be important in the years to come to ourselves, our families, and those we care about. Just as in war time, there is little opportunity to train and develop a strategy; it must already be in place before the first boot is laced, and well ahead of any weapons being drawn. Once war is on, it’s time to act, and move with the designed plan of attack. The element of surprise always helps an enemy defeat a foe. The future and its unknown issues are the enemy, and you are the foe. Let’s take the time now, to change our financial, mental, health, emotional & spiritual outlooks on life.

Today you should start reading books and building yourself in the knowledge of what you do not know. Spiritually speaking, we need to feed our minds with plenty of virtuous and sound wisdom. You will need the wisdom of God in order to deal with life and its pending dilemmas. The bible speaks of God’s spirit (the Holy Spirit) which will help to remind us of the things we’ve read in it when they become necessary to know of. It’s like having a genius at your side 24/7 and being able to get answers when they are needed. We must face some of the truths and realities of life in general. Seasons change as we know, people change, life circles around and around, we live, grow, re-produce and we also die. Given these basic truths of life, let’s get ready to make decisions and choices today, to give our tomorrows and the tomorrows of those we adore a better chance at bringing us all joy!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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