What A Waste!!!

  One life to live and that’s it. That’s all you’ve got. You can’t get the time back that you’ve already lived and spent, and you can’t live tomorrow’s life because it has not come yet. All you have is what sitting in front of you now. What do you do with what you have? This message is a reminder to us all that even though we may feel that there are plenty of reasons to sit back and allow our gifts and talents to lie asleep while others carry on, let remind you that you’ve only got one shot at life. What is it that you are waiting for? A prefect day to step up and use your gift will never come. I’m not sure if people are sitting back waiting for an invitation to life or are they just plain refusing to come to the party. Whatever it is, the bottom line to me is What a Waste! A gift and talent that is given an unused is like a beautiful desert that sits without anyone anywhere to indulge them and devour it. It’s made for eating, but no one’s eating it. A gift does not do you or anyone else any good if it’s unused. If you’ve got love, give it, if you’ve got inspiration share it. If you’ve got insight enlighten others. If you’ve got talents use them! 

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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