Show us your face…….please! ;)

                   Masks do nothing but hide what’s really behind them and give a false sense of who you really are to other people. You can place any number of masks upon your face and even if we aren’t truly convinced of your new identity, you will still be covering up who and what it is that is really lying beneath. People need and want to know you for who you are. Your face is a lot more beautiful than you think.

                 Masks would have been handed out at birth if there was a need to cover up your face all the time. The act of hiding behind our insecurities, talents, fears and past hurts is robbing ourselves and the people around us from experiencing true friendships and meeting exciting people. The masks prevent us from speaking clearly our true thoughts because there is seldom a cut out for the mouth in it. That same mask causes us to see dimly through the holes provided in the place of the eyes. The little tiny slots cut out for them give us a limited view and make reality seem so narrow and tunneled. These members of our body are two important factors in relationship building and enjoying life in general.

                  Take that stuff off please! We want you to show us your face. We want the real you. Whatever masks you’re wearing is preventing us from hearing, seeing, and touching the you that is in you. Your knowledge, your experiences, your gifts, your emotions, your heart, and your soul are too great for a mask. Damaged people need to be fixed, hurt individuals should be healed, crying eyes need to be dried, and hungry souls need to be fed. Remove the mask and receive the gift of freedom and new life. You are beautiful. Let us see it!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.Practical Personal Development

Practical wisdom, for practical lives,practical words,

to practical people, from a practical guy!

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