Making the Holidays Special this year with unique gift giving alternatives – Part 1

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time

Instead of Christmas cards this year, write a letter that summarizes

Your past year and all the new things you’ve accomplished and or experienced. It will seem more personable and your friends and or loved ones will be happy to hear how your life has been going. 

Send photos of your activities for the year like your vacation or a ceremony you

Were involved in such as graduation, baptism, awards, etc…..

Make a scrap book with copies of old photos that your recipient was in with you and have them vintage

Create a DVD full of photos and or video clips to share with your gift recipients

Have a plaque made commemorating the years you’ve known a person and or celebrate them as an individual.

Have a baby photo blown up and framed for a family member

Choose a family in need and supply their dinner for the holidays

Purchase coats and hats for a family of children in need

Supply the milk or diapers for a needy family with a baby for a month

Make candy, pastries, or other sweets and take them to your neighbors.

I’ll have more in a minute, so be sure to come back…!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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