Holiday Gift Giving Ideas – Part 2

  • Restore a childhood piece of furniture or other cherished item. If an item is not available try and find something a similar item slightly altered to resemble the childhood piece.


  • Arrange to have a maid come and clean your house (for your spouse) or the house of a friend for at least a month.


  • Make a gift basket and fill it with all of your gift recipient’s favorites. It can include food, hobby items like puzzles, bath stuff, smell goods, tools, electronics, toys, games, whatever…..


  • Write a personal song for your special friend and have it recorded by a talented vocalist friend, or hire someone to sing. Have it placed on a cd with printing and a cover. A bonus would be to have it shrink wrapped to. If you are not to artistic have a friend help or use a template from the many available printing programs, or free online.


  • Treat your parents to a day spa and let them be pampered on their schedule.


  • Make reservations for your entire family to enjoy a first class dining experience. Get all dressed up and rent a limousine for the evening.


  • Charter a yacht and enjoy an afternoon and evening including dinner on the water.


  • Help someone on your gift list to start a personal collection by providing the initial items for it. Something like state quarters, figurines, die cast models, etc.


  • Send a singing dancing telegram to your recipient
  • Have a personal message written in the sky


  • Reserve an entire venue just for your family and or close friends for an evening, or for a few hours before the regular opening time.


Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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1 Response to “Holiday Gift Giving Ideas – Part 2”

  1. 1 Maya Martin November 2, 2006 at 10:07 pm

    I think these are some great tips. I would love to receive any one of these gifts..Keep up the good works.

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