“You’ve got the Touch of Life” – Healing, Helping & Holding

Show somebody how much you care about them today. It is not important that they return the gesture back to you, but that what is inside of you is shared. We are never sure of what this day or tomorrow will bring to us or to those we care about, but what we do know is that love is eternal yet the ability to touch a person is not. Be sure and give a hug, hold a hand, kiss a cheek, calm a nerve, speak a word, and share a gift with the ones who mean the most to you. What has been is gone and what’s to come is unknown. I’d rather see your love them know of it and never get a chance to feel it. We don’t touch, talk or take time anymore. That’s what is missing. In Psychology class I learned that a newborn baby can literally die from the lack of human touch and attention. There is an innate need for feeling the warmth of another human beings hand. You and I are human beings and the world is full of hurting and dying people. Not only dieing physically, but giving up on dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow. You and I, we’ve got the answer. Let’s share what’s been given to us and change the world.

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