How to Win A Race.

Take a page from a runner in a race. You spend all the time before the race preparing yourself to be successful. There is already a set and determined time to meet. You know that you have say 3 weeks to train in order to run well. You take the time to lose weight and make sure your body is in the best shape possible. Your diet is adjusted to suit your need for strength and endurance. You change your schedule in order to get proper rest and make the best use of your time. You spend all this time in preparation for something that will be over in less than an hour and  that will yield a temporary material although symbolic prize. Isn’t it ironic how we sometimes forget this same type of preparation and dedication to our health when it comes to spiritual and mental development? This life we are living in is a race also, even though it is a race with ourselves only. There are weights and hindrances that to be released and let go. There are needs for diets from people that seem to always pull from us rather than edify our lives. Our diet of bad habits in things like unhealthy relationships, unethical practices, dishonest tendencies, and unprofitable activities will cause us to become fat and full of dead and life threatening weight. Spending your time with the wrong people will cause you and me to miss out on our designed purpose and destiny. Much of what we accomplish comes out of the maintaining a level and healthy state of mind. Individuals who are not ready for change or who have accepted they present situation as final regardless of its contents cannot feed into your life for growth. There is a releasing that needs to take place and a continual growing process. Refuse and ignore the urge to stay planted in one place where there is no growth. Watch and learn the pattern of a thing or person. If it is not moving, improving, changing or growing it is time to abandon it right away. Time is limited for us all, and there is little available for foolishness. Let ‘em go and do it today. Your gifts are not tide up in the opinions and values of another unbelieving and unmotivated individual. I don’t care how long you’ve been friends or what they given to you in times past. They have reached a point of restricted growth, and cannot fathom your hopes, dreams and vision for advancement. What lies ahead for you is still laying there waiting to be picked up just as soon as you let that weight go and properly prepare to win the race!


Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

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November 2006

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