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Daily Soul Quotes: “Have Tears….Will Wipe!”

You are not alone, despite of what it may look like to you, and even though you feel so cold and misunderstood. Those tears you’re crying are not dropping to the floor unseen. Your hurt is being felt by someone else. Every pain that racks your body, the hole that seems to drain your heart, it is not forgotten and not overlooked. There is rest for your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul right around the corner. Jesus knows and he cares. He has been holding you up and rocking you through it all. The only thing missing from you is to release it all and let him take the pain away. He ever liveth to heal you. It is His good pleasure to rescue you from destruction and calamity. His hand is ready to dry the tears and take the burdens you share away. Leave it with him and let your soul be free today. There is nothing brand new to the eyes of our God. You have a refuge and strong tower in the Lord Most High. Take the time to daily leave your burdens before Him, and look and live!


Remembering Bishop Patterson:”What I remember most about Bishop G.E. Patterson is…….”

gepatterson23.jpgWe really miss you Bishop Patterson, and we will never forget all that you spoke and everything you shared with us. You life was full of service and dedication. We remember so much that you taught and enjoyed every moment spent with you.  We are taking the time now to reflect on those times and share with one another in order to keep your memory alive. Rest in peace, but know that we do remember.

Here is your chance to share with the world your fondest memories of Bishop G.E. Patterson.  Just finish this statement in response as we all together remember a great leader, an humble servant, and a faithful shepherd……..

What I remember most about Bishop G.E. Patterson is…………………………………..

In Loving Memory of “Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson” Prelate of the COGIC

Go here to Encourage the Family of Bishop G.E. Patterson

COGIC Leader Bishop Gilbert Earl (G.E.) Patterson Dies

Today, the members of one of the largest pentecostal organizations in the world mourns the loss of their beloved leader and prelate Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson. A mighty leader, a spirit filled preacher and an effective witness. We shall miss him and cherish every moment we’ve spent in his presence. Let us all say a prayer for the Patterson family as we also lift up the Churches of God in Christ worldwide. We’ll speak more real soon! Good night our shepherd, we’ll see you in the MORNING!

Go here to Encourage the Family of Bishop G.E. Patterson



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