Houston, Texas: Texas A&M Freshman Tynesha Stewart Still Missing – “Prayers are Needed”

Our prayers are with the Family of Ms. Tynesha Stewart who has been missing since Thursday March 15. Tynesha who is a freshman at Texas A&M
University is 19 years old and needs the help and efforts of everyone around. The Parents of Ms. Stewart are no doubt distraught and are in need of any and everyone’s assistance in bringing this young lady home. Please remember and say a prayer for her when you talk to the Lord.

5 Responses to “Houston, Texas: Texas A&M Freshman Tynesha Stewart Still Missing – “Prayers are Needed””

  1. 1 LYDIA SEALS March 29, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    Do not stop praying.

  2. 2 Desiree Gordon April 30, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    I know one thing for sure…Satin has a special spot for him in hell to burn foreverright next to him and amen. This young man is sinical and he has a very evil spirt inside of him.The one and only person who has the power to take away a precious life is GOD AND ONLY GOD. We have no authority to kill someone, or to take away somebodies life. Thats exactly why Im going into the field of criminal justice, to help put pysco’s exactly like him away. But in his case he needs to die, but like I said thats for God to decide to me or anybody else. For the family of Ms.Tynesha Stewart…may you rest in peace sweetheart, your in a much better place, and God will take care of his child. My prayers go out to her family also, God is their and he will heal all wounds. I will pray for her and her family. And for Mr.Timothy Wayne Shepard….Pray that God will have mercy on your soul!
    ~God Bless~ Desiree Gordon

  3. 3 Marquita Glenn May 4, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    I want to thank everyone for their prayers, and thank GOD for his blessings. I am Tynesha’a Aunt, Marquita Glenn, and yes, she is truly missed by all. Timothy Shepard took away a precious life, and he has left us in much pain… I know Tynesha is in a better place, and one day Tynesha I will see you again…. to Timothy, we forgive you son, but we will never forget.. I hope GOD have mercy on your soul…I feel sorry for your daughter, and who will now take the place as a father for her….you not only destroyed our lives by the death of my niece, but you have destroyed yours and your daughter with your selfish act of murder… GOD bless everyone who was there, and again Tynesha you are my angel, and RIP….

    • 4 Adrian Comstock February 15, 2012 at 11:52 pm

      You don’t remember me Marquita, but we went to Magrill and Teauge together. I happened across this page surfing google and the story broke my heart. You were always sweet to me growing up and your brother was a hero to me in my youth. Although it has been several years I offer my sincerest condolances to you and your family. My prayers are with you, and i can still remember you ” walking the dinosaur ” during the 4th grade talent show. A happy memory from an old friend:)

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