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Your past is no match for your future!

Are you running away from something that keeps reminding you of your past mistakes and failures. Are you trying to escape a history of shame and embarrasment. What is it that you are being tormented with everyday, that won’t allow you to experience lasting joy and peaceful rest. There is a time and a season for everything under the heavens. As one thing die’s another thing lives. It is the circle of life and the principle of seasons. Mourning is appropriate when there is loss, laughter is relevant when there is joy and excitement, repentance is needed in the time of tresspass & viloation, and deliverance is required where there is real bondage. Today is the time to recognize what season you are in and respond accordingly. Weeping lasts for the night, but joy and dancing will come in the morning’s light. This is not the time nor the place to retreat, but to speak to yesterday’s errors and history’s transgression and declare through repentance and sincere faith that this is the day that the Lord has made.  It is time for rejoicing and gladness. Declare it, believe it, walk in it, recieve it. God has not forgotten you!

Listen to the Children Speak…..

Our children are speaking and crying out to be heard. This world we are living in today is being handed to them in such a horrible unforgiving state. There are little places available for mental shelter and peace. The children are calling out to us for help. The only way they will know how to survive in their coming years is that we listen to them and teach them a better way then what they see. They have more knowledge but less strength to handle it.



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