Plagiarism and Preaching

This is an interesting article that I was able to find online at a blog site. Please take the time and check it out. Recently I have been made aware of such practice in local church and am very concerned of the sverity of it. After reading this article I’d like to get your opinion and perspective on whether or not copying and preaching someone elses sermon is considered a serious thing. Should we care or should this act be frowned upon? What do you think?

The Artile can be found here at

8 Responses to “Plagiarism and Preaching”

  1. 1 Miesha August 30, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    I think it’s just like in school with plagarism you should give credit where it is due period. On it says “ only takes seconds, noted Gibson, for a preacher to cite the source of a story or to say something like, “I heard a great sermon on this biblical text by pastor so and so and I want to share some of his insights with you.” This is true at least then you are not passing work off as your own.
    Just my opinion.

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