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Tell us about your ministry! (Your Vision, Your Goals, Your Purpose, Your Destiny)

The readers of Practical Personal Development would love to hear more about your ministry and what its all about. Please take the time and give us a little information about the great visions and plans you have and what the Lord is doing in and through you. We’d like to hear testimonies of miracles and great exploits that God has done through you. The world needs to know that Christ is yet manifesting his miraculous power on earth through His people. From Los Angeles to New York city and everything in between and around let us know.

Give us your ministry name:

Ministry Location:

Time in Ministry:

website address:

email address (if desired):

And any information on regular programs you provide:

Then just testify if you’d like. Tell us about what God has , and is doing through your ministry. What is your Vision and goal!

God Bless


Pray for Ministry Leaders: Juanita Bynum, Paula White & All who serve publicly

I have conceded that prayer and a personal committment to true God fearing, spirit led ministry is what is in order for this hour. We have taken the time in observation to comment and express our own individual opinons towards what is right and wrong in the lives and actions of those who we have witnessed publicly proclaim the delivering and saving power of Jesus Christ for years. This is the hour for sincere introspective examinations. Only you can look in the mirror and behold what you really see. This does not deny or overlook what we can clearly see if we chosen in the lives of other believers, but now is the time to recognize that a good old fashioned sanctifying blood washing is needed in order for us all to continue in this day. We are confronted with so many conerfits that it is imperative we seek God’s face continually with no reservations. The diversion is all that we see happening aroound us in this world. We will never see genuine revival until revival breaks out in our own members (body, mind). Whatever is takes get back to where you were called to be, and strive to live above the noise of this society. Be an example and let the world know just what Christ looks like by observing your daily activity. We are commanded to love the Lord with all our heart, soul & mind. Worship is not just what we do, or sing in a pumped up rehearsed and energetic filled service, it is the life we live and the service we give back to God. We serve the Lord with our service to others. Here is a perfect occasion to demonstrate our love for the Lord in worship as we pray for the ministers who carry the Gospel! God Bless – Soulworshiper



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