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Bynum discusses marriage on ‘Divorce Court’

Bynum discusses marriage on ‘Divorce Court’

Judge ‘had never heard of her before’ appearance.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 04/22/08


Just when the media spotlight was fading on national evangelist Juanita Bynum, the pastor found a new forum where her star could shine again —reality TV.

Frankly, Judge Lynn Toler, of Fox TV’s “Divorce Court”, had no idea who Bynum was when producers asked if they could invite her on the popular courtroom show. Creative minds behind the scenes of Divorce Court wanted to tackle a serious topic —spousal abuse.


Toler’s staff thought Bynum’s national story of surviving domestic violence would help others living with abuse find the strength to leave violent relationships —and attract some solid ratings.

“I had never heard of her before,” Toler said of Bynum Wednesday. “The executive producer came to me and said I know you don’t like to do shows on domestic violence, but this is a way we could do it responsibly.”

Footage of Bynum’s two-part interview on Divorce Court has been posted on in anticipation of her appearance today. And if ratings hit a home run, Bynum could be invited back.

A spokesman for Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III on Wednesday said he, too, was asked to go on Divorce Court, but declined the offer. In March, Weeks pled guilty of assaulting Bynum last summer and was given probation as a first offender.

“Bishop Weeks understands that he cannot prevent his wife from saying whatever she wants, but as in the past, if mistruths are told, he will respond accordingly,” said his divorce attorney Randy Kessler.

Bynum’s decision to appear on Divorce Court after the media blitz surrounding her domestic violence trial has some metro Atlantans wondering whether the Pentecostal “prophetess” is trying to extend her stay in the limelight.

Latoya Hardamon of College Park, who has followed Bynum’s ministry, said enough is enough. “You are a woman of God, what is your purpose of going on Divorce Court?” Hardamon said. “We have seen all of that already, we don’t have to hear it again.”

The Rev. Cynthia Hale, who pastors a flock of 5,000 at Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, is also puzzled. “I am not sure how going on Divorce Court is going to extend her ministry,” said Hale . “I believe that something as sensitive and as personal as divorce should not be aired in public.”

However, David W. Key, director of Baptist Studies at Emory University’s Candler School of Theology, says since Bynum has no formal church of her own, that reaching out to souls through Divorce Court, couldn’t hurt her. Bynum developed her ministry based on her life experiences as a woman looking for love. “I don’t think it will impact her as it would other ministers who have not created their ministries off of their personal stories,” he said. ” I think she will find a new audience on Divorce Court.”

Divorce Court Judge Toler said she also had some concerns about Bynum, but later came to understand her. ” I asked her if she was trying to stay in the limelight,” Toler said. “She said the fact that I got into a domestic violence dispute with my spouse was more of a threat to my ministry than anything else.”

Bynum tells Toler on TV about her decision to leave Weeks: “I said to myself, I love him, but I love me more.”

Toler said she learned something from watching Bynum minister to a couple dealing with domestic violence on the episode. “She was able to speak to the offender in a way that I couldn’t,” Toler said. “She said things I didn’t think of.”

Meanwhile, Bynum’s divorce is still pending. An attorney for the evangelist tried twice to get a tell-all book about the Weeks-Bynum marriage yanked before the divorce could be resolved arguing that it contained “false statements” about Bynum’s alleged drinking and drug use, among other things. Two judges – including the Gwinnett County Superior Court judge scheduled to hear the divorce – denied an appeal for a retraining order to stop Weeks’ book, “What Love Taught Me.”


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Chris Brown – Hip Hop/R&B – A Legend already?


Pop-oriented R&B vocalist Chris Brown debuted with the Scott Storch-produced “Run It!” and became the first male solo artist to release a single that went straight to the top of the Billboard singles chart. Only 16 at the time, Brown came from a small town in Virginia called Tappahannock and, like a lot of kids born since the early ’80s, was initially into his parents’ favorites but eventually fell under the spell of hip-hop. Around the time he reached puberty, he discovered his singing voice. Within a couple years, he had a recording contract with Jive and was lined up with several production and songwriting heavyweights (Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Dre & Vidal, Sean Garrett, Storch) for his eponymous first album, an immediate Top Ten hit released in November of 2005. ~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

No More Gifts For you…..!

Have you ever Heard these words or spoken them to a child?


“I’m tired of giving you things that you won’t use. I got that for you last year and it’s still in the package, you won’t open it and you keep playing with the old stuff. You don’t appreciate what I’ve given you and you keep asking for more. When will you learn to appreciate the gifts I’ve already given you. You will not get another gift from me until I see you start using the gifts I’ve already given to you. You told me that was what you really wanted and that you would be satisfied with it. You won’t use it and you won’t allow anyone else to either. “


Well I do believe our Father is sharing this message with His children today. 


He has given gifts beyond measure that lie dormant and on the shelf, unused, and untapped. He is not happy. Stop asking the Lord to open the door for you and to make room for you if you have not begun using what He has already given you. I do believe His heart is hurt when we sit down on the gifts He’s imparted unto us. Not only is He hurt for the lack of use, He gave the gift to bless and edify His people while glorifying Him. Hurting people all over are crying out to the Lord for an answer, and He anoints sanctified vessels for the purpose of bringing liberty and total deliverance to them. You do not need more, you need to do more. Step forth in the call of the Lord, say no more that I do not have enough room, or opportunity. Everyday, wherever you walk, you are given the opportunity to share your gift. The seed has been planted, now it is time to allow it to breathe and grow.



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