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Best way to Make A Man Love is …….

Stop sleeping with him and giving him everything he wants without commitment.

I guarantee if you keep letting him bed you you’ll be asking in a few more years if he’s ever gonna Wed you! #waystotellMore……

Truth is you cannot make any man love you, but you can filter out the ones who don’t.


Nobody can satisfy you like your spouse can.

Nobody can satisfy you like your spouse can… They are anointed to minister to you. #TeachThemHow

God can and will equip you and you alone to be the minister of the needs for your spouse. As you grow together and learn to communicate your needs and desire to one another, you will have all the tools needed to help fulfill the emotional, physical, and social desires of you spouse. Intimacy involves more than just the sex and physical touch we normally associate it with. It also includes the pouring out of the desires, and passions from the heart soul and mind of one another. Don’t be afraid to share your innermost thoughts. That is how we grow and become the best for our marriage’s growth. Refuse to hold back, and resist the temptation to withhold what should be freely given. You have the keys, and you are the minister for your spouse.

It’s not God’s Fault!

 It would be better for you to say No to God, than to keep blaming everybody and everything as to why you’re not being obedient to the call of God on your life, cause that’s what you’re saying.#YoureARunner



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