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The Real You! Are you being for real?

Who are you and what are you made of?  Do you ever ask yourself this question? Do you ever give yourself an answer, or are you held captive by your own questions. Well the fact is that most people are looking for the answer to this question about themselves and tend to push it off on others by questioning who the other person is or isn’t. It’s not that they are that inquisitive about what are the building blocks that make up another individuals stature and character, but rather they have been unable to come to some conclusions about themselves. This carries over to their daily life and the way they interact with the people around them. This is dangerous because while many of us are asking these questions inside of our heads, we are often vulnerable to hear an answer and any answer too! So you start a new job or embark on a new project and start achieving success in your efforts, only to find that every one is not celebrating with you, and some downright hate the fact you are succeeding. This can be fuel for you though. It can serve as the combustible material that propels you forward into your destiny. You are not limited in what you can accomplish based upon what  another person deems to be reflective of what you look like and how much you possess. You are created with creative qualities which should allow you to produce in areas where there has been no real production. Do not limit yourself to looking for life only in areas that have been previously developed by another, but go after the untapped potential inside of a thing and breathe new life into new projects and new ideas and unfamiliar places with unsuspecting individuals. There is no energy like untouched unrealized unquenched energy. It has not been hindered or discouraged or made captive, there are no boundaries and there can be no ends. Learn to keep stretching your thinking and opening your mind to fresh thoughts free of chains and fetters.

Bishop Noel Jones: It’s Got to Happen

Speaker: Bishop Noel Jones
Preached on October 14, 2005
Friday Night’s Faith Works Service

Bishop Noel Jones “Lord Double My Anointing”

Bishop Jones preaching at New Birth (Bishop Eddie Long)  

COGIC Conventions ,Meetings & Conferences

The Church of God In Christ is known for several power packed conference and spiritual fellowships that are held around the nation on an annual basis. Each events is power packed full of the best and most inspirational speakers and minstrel of our time. At any given meeting you can expect to receive ministering words in sermon and song form by such individuals like Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Bishop Eddie Long, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, Karen Clark-Sheard, Byron Cage, Marvin Sapp, Tye Tribbett, and Kelly Price to name a few. The conferences span the year with a culmination of a grand mass meeting witch convenes in the city of Memphis Tennessee, a city that also serves as the largest Pentecostal organization’s headquarter. Every year thousands of saints converge into the city of Memphis to attend the meeting that has been called the International Holy Convocation. This year 2007 the Church of God In Christ will be celebrating 100 years of ministry with a centennial celebration, which is also set to include the commemoration of the Church’s founder Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. There are available pre-accommodations that can be made directly through the organizations hospitality offices. Some of the other noteworthy and most popular meetings of the Church of God In Christ include: The International AIM Convention. This meeting brings together several of the auxiliaries and ministries that make up the entire ministry arm of the Church. These ministries include the Youth Department, Missions, Evangelist, and Music. Other

Conventions worth noting are the Leadership conference, International Men’s Conference and Women’s Conferences.



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