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Learning how to Live……………

Learning how to Live……………

Living takes effort. It’s easy to just exist and survive. But past survival if you are to experience any real satisfaction and joy, you must get up everyday ready to believe, recieve, love, share, enjoy, cry, embrace, and confront. Otherwise you are destined to be a spectator of life as it passes you by. Learn to live, and live today!



It is soo very hard to losse sight of what is most important. There are so many things that are competing for our attention these days. From keeping up with the latest fashions, trends, and hobbies, health concerns, children, careers, church work, maintaining our homes, cars, friendships and keeping up with American Idol eliminations. It can be a challenge to keep this all in balance and to insure that you don’t collapse at the same time. The most important thing to remember is that in all you do you must remember to keep the main thing at the top. It’s all about perspective. Our relationship with Godis of most importance, for He give light to what should and how each is to be managed in what way. Your health is definitely important and must come next. If there is no you then what. Family is really after this becuase before any career or and outside work, charity begins at home. All this is followed by our Careers, and church work. A balanced life is what we’re looking for here, and keeping it all in perspective, will cause real balance to manifest. God Bless!

You’re on the right road.

It is a tactic of the adversary to make you believe that the road you are traveling on is not the one that will lead you to your destiny. You must know and remind yourself daily that obstacles, tests and trials are apart of the journey. In order for you to reach the promise you must conquer the perils and pitfalls of the process for their purpose is for your perfection. Your perception of every problem is paramount to your prevailing. If you can change your thoughts towards these tests you can use them as stepping stones to your success. When God is involved, a promise is a promise and is sure to come to pass. You must believe and allow God to show himself and his power and Glory through you. What you need to succeed is already been planted within you and God wants to use it to bless you!

When Sunday comes….It shall come to pass!

You’re so close to your breakthrough that the light is starting to shine through. It’s normally at the time it seems darkest and you feel the weakest that we lose sight of the promise of our soon coming change and deliverance from the prevailing storm. Take courage because the darkness provides a platform and introduction for the brightness of the sun. It is coming and you will be freed from the terror by night. Don’t let the lack of light cause you too lose faith in the everelasting covenant of the Father. “God is not a man that He should Lie……If He said it, will He not do it?” It shall , it will, it must come to pass!

Daily Soul Quotes: “Have Tears….Will Wipe!”

You are not alone, despite of what it may look like to you, and even though you feel so cold and misunderstood. Those tears you’re crying are not dropping to the floor unseen. Your hurt is being felt by someone else. Every pain that racks your body, the hole that seems to drain your heart, it is not forgotten and not overlooked. There is rest for your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul right around the corner. Jesus knows and he cares. He has been holding you up and rocking you through it all. The only thing missing from you is to release it all and let him take the pain away. He ever liveth to heal you. It is His good pleasure to rescue you from destruction and calamity. His hand is ready to dry the tears and take the burdens you share away. Leave it with him and let your soul be free today. There is nothing brand new to the eyes of our God. You have a refuge and strong tower in the Lord Most High. Take the time to daily leave your burdens before Him, and look and live!


Daily Soul Quotes: “You’re Next in Line” (Patience is a Virtue)

“Do not get out of line as you wait for your turn to come to experience real joy and peace. You may have been waiting for a long time, but the line is moving and you are up next. The worst thing you could do is get out of line and lose your position for your upcoming season of change and new beginning. Refuse to be cheated out of all you have patiently stood in line to recieve. You are not forgotten. Get ready, get set, stand still…..your blessing is on deck!”

Daily Soul Quotes: “Dealing with Your Pain”

“Your answer to your problem

Is not too far from your eye

In fact it’s closer to you sister

And I’ll let you know just why

For before you even started

To experience this pain

Your heavenly father had a plan

To help you to escape your rain

So the way out has been made

And my friend it won’t be long

You’ll understand the test was ordered

To build you up and make you strong”

-Kenny Martin Jr.

March 2, 2007

Copyright 2007, Kenneth L. Martin Jr. 



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