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Daily Soul Quotes: “Have Tears….Will Wipe!”

You are not alone, despite of what it may look like to you, and even though you feel so cold and misunderstood. Those tears you’re crying are not dropping to the floor unseen. Your hurt is being felt by someone else. Every pain that racks your body, the hole that seems to drain your heart, it is not forgotten and not overlooked. There is rest for your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul right around the corner. Jesus knows and he cares. He has been holding you up and rocking you through it all. The only thing missing from you is to release it all and let him take the pain away. He ever liveth to heal you. It is His good pleasure to rescue you from destruction and calamity. His hand is ready to dry the tears and take the burdens you share away. Leave it with him and let your soul be free today. There is nothing brand new to the eyes of our God. You have a refuge and strong tower in the Lord Most High. Take the time to daily leave your burdens before Him, and look and live!


Daily Soul Quotes: “Dealing with Your Pain”

“Your answer to your problem

Is not too far from your eye

In fact it’s closer to you sister

And I’ll let you know just why

For before you even started

To experience this pain

Your heavenly father had a plan

To help you to escape your rain

So the way out has been made

And my friend it won’t be long

You’ll understand the test was ordered

To build you up and make you strong”

-Kenny Martin Jr.

March 2, 2007

Copyright 2007, Kenneth L. Martin Jr. 

Time Management Tips – Before you start any pojects

Please remember that the strength you need to do the things you do in the time you do it in with the hands you use to do it, as you plan it all out in your intelligent mind, while inhaling the oxygen it needs to keep you alive, is all compliments of the Father up above who so gracefully gives it, and who so patiently waits to hear you say I appreciate it. He’s got an endless supply of it all for you, so make sure you don’t stiff Him when it comes to using the above mentioned necessities for HIS work. You’ll be glad you did.

Note: Sowing comes just before Reaping!!! But please know that you shall reap whatever you sow!

Now go and live!

Practical Personal Development

Copyright 2007, Kenneth L. Martin Jr.

Five Keys to a Prosperous, healthier, happier Life! (T.R.U.S.T.)

What a harsh phrase to have uttered to your ears. It’s like having a ton of bricks thrown at you. No one wants to hear these words spoken to them of the very individuals they love and care for. They’d much rather be slapped in the face then to swallow this lump of truth. However we are often guilty of such an indictment unaware. Trust is an action word that is manifested by the outward show of dependency to another. We display our sense of trust or lack thereof in the way we go about our daily exercise. Don’t get it twisted; I am speaking of our total complete reliance on the providential hand of the Lord. God says in his word, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him and He shall direct thy path.” This scripture is the instruction for a peaceful, joyful, prosperous life here on earth. It is not the absence of conflict or obstacle, but the answer to them all. God assures us that if we would only put our entire life in His hands, and allow our decisions to be made based upon His word which is rich in promises, that we would experience a life full of fulfillment and purpose. He has already laid out a plan fit for princes and princesses and we need only get on the path that has been beaten for us. Many a family have placed themselves in positions of time consuming unnecessary outside work and toil only to leave little time for building and maintaining a healthy home. Later in life it all comes back to them in unbalanced and undisciplined dividends. It’s hard to train grown children, and definitely difficult to break old habits. God’s way is the best way, and it, although most times unpopular, is the way to great success in every facet of life. Trust him with yours, and begin to reap the benefits of a richer, healthier one today! God Bless! 

Min. Kenny Martin Jr.

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

Practical Personal Development

Practical wisdom, for practical lives,practical words, to practical people, from a practical guy!

Introducing Worship Leader – Carmen Huey

Carmen Huey

Worship Leader

Lady Carmen Huey

      I am pleased to introduce to you extraordinary Praise & Worship leader  Mrs. Carmen Huey of
Phoenix, Arizona.
  Carmen Huey is an ordained minister, psalmist and music composer. Her song writings are about God’s mercy and grace toward us. She sings about who God is, His love for us, and how He can be everything to us; when we believe in him and trust Him.
     As a vocalist, Carmen grew up singing with her sisters in church. When she reached adulthood, she continued singing in her church choirs and eventually began singing for women’s ministries, retreats, conferences, weddings and other events. Carmen has also been a guest soloist for the local TBN network in Phoenix.  Carmen has been a praise and worship leader for ten years and loves bringing people into worship, as well as encouraging and exhorting the audience. Carmen’s vision is to encourage people to do what God has called them to do. She believes that if people will carry out their true purpose in life, the universe would change drastically.

Church Affiliation: Christian Fellowship International Center in Phoenix AZ., with Pastors Ron and Juanita Dubrul. 

You can find her music online at

For singing engagements, and further information,
Email Carmen at: [ ]

(Excerpts Taken from

Min. Kenny Martin Jr.

Running away from it

Are you running away from something that keeps reminding you of your past mistakes and failures. Are you trying to escape a history of shame and embarrasment. What is it that you are being tormented with everyday, that won’t allow you to experience lasting joy and peaceful rest. There is a time and a season for everything under the heavens. As one thing die’s another thing lives. It is the circle of life and the principle of seasons. Mourning is appropriate when there is loss, laughter is relevant when there is joy and excitement, repentance is needed in the time of tresspass & viloation, and deliverance is required where there is real bondage. Today is the time to recognize what season you are in and respond accordingly. Weeping lasts for the night, but joy and dancing will come in the morning’s light. This is not the time nor the place to retreat, but to speak to yesterday’s errors and history’s transgression and declare through repentance and sincere faith that this is the day that the Lord has made.  It is time for rejoicing and gladness. Declare it, believe it, walk in it, recieve it. God has not forgotten you!

Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

Practical Personal Development

Practical wisdom, for practical lives, practical words,

to practical people, from a practical guy!

How to Win A Race.

Take a page from a runner in a race. You spend all the time before the race preparing yourself to be successful. There is already a set and determined time to meet. You know that you have say 3 weeks to train in order to run well. You take the time to lose weight and make sure your body is in the best shape possible. Your diet is adjusted to suit your need for strength and endurance. You change your schedule in order to get proper rest and make the best use of your time. You spend all this time in preparation for something that will be over in less than an hour and  that will yield a temporary material although symbolic prize. Isn’t it ironic how we sometimes forget this same type of preparation and dedication to our health when it comes to spiritual and mental development? This life we are living in is a race also, even though it is a race with ourselves only. There are weights and hindrances that to be released and let go. There are needs for diets from people that seem to always pull from us rather than edify our lives. Our diet of bad habits in things like unhealthy relationships, unethical practices, dishonest tendencies, and unprofitable activities will cause us to become fat and full of dead and life threatening weight. Spending your time with the wrong people will cause you and me to miss out on our designed purpose and destiny. Much of what we accomplish comes out of the maintaining a level and healthy state of mind. Individuals who are not ready for change or who have accepted they present situation as final regardless of its contents cannot feed into your life for growth. There is a releasing that needs to take place and a continual growing process. Refuse and ignore the urge to stay planted in one place where there is no growth. Watch and learn the pattern of a thing or person. If it is not moving, improving, changing or growing it is time to abandon it right away. Time is limited for us all, and there is little available for foolishness. Let ‘em go and do it today. Your gifts are not tide up in the opinions and values of another unbelieving and unmotivated individual. I don’t care how long you’ve been friends or what they given to you in times past. They have reached a point of restricted growth, and cannot fathom your hopes, dreams and vision for advancement. What lies ahead for you is still laying there waiting to be picked up just as soon as you let that weight go and properly prepare to win the race!


Copyright © 2006 Kenneth Martin, Jr.

Practical Personal Development

 Practical wisdom, for practical lives,

practical words, to practical people, from a practical guy!



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