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Enjoy 24 hour living and dining in Las Vegas


If you live in Vegas now or are just planning a visit sometime soon you will be happy to know that those late night munchies that you might have can be satisfied with many different menu choices from an abundance of restaurants to choose from. All of the many different places to eat, and get those late night snacks are listed for you online at 24 Hour Las VEGAS . The site is updated pretty regularly so, check back often as there are more places updated weekly. So if  you’re coming to Vegas or are enjoying the city now, you can eat and shop around the clock, cause somethings never end!

We are benefiting from the life and legacy of our COGIC leaders.

Thank God for men and women of the Church of God In Christ who dared to put their trust in the Lord. Lest we forget the past and fail to embrace the future, we must remember that we are recipients benefiting daily from a great legacy left and being lived out before us by such leaders as the late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, and our presiding prelate Bishop Charles E. Blake. This church, the grand old Church of God In Christ possess a history and presence rich with great pastors, preachers, teachers, prophets, evangelists, and missionaries who were led of God and saw great exploits in their time. We are challenged in this hour to go higher, deeper, and stand taller.

You’re almost There! ….Don’t Quit!!!!!

You’re so close to your breakthrough that the light is starting to shine through. It’s normally at the time it seems darkest and you feel the weakest that we lose sight of the promise of our soon coming change and deliverance from the prevailing storm. Take courage because the darkness provides a platform and introduction for the brightness of the sun. It is coming and you will be freed from the terror by night. Don’t let the lack of light cause you too lose faith in the everelasting covenant of the Father. “God is not a man that He should Lie……If He said it, will He not do it?” It shall , it will, it must come to pass!



July 2020