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You’re almost There! ….Don’t Quit!!!!!

You’re so close to your breakthrough that the light is starting to shine through. It’s normally at the time it seems darkest and you feel the weakest that we lose sight of the promise of our soon coming change and deliverance from the prevailing storm. Take courage because the darkness provides a platform and introduction for the brightness of the sun. It is coming and you will be freed from the terror by night. Don’t let the lack of light cause you too lose faith in the everelasting covenant of the Father. “God is not a man that He should Lie……If He said it, will He not do it?” It shall , it will, it must come to pass!

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas – Part 2

  • Restore a childhood piece of furniture or other cherished item. If an item is not available try and find something a similar item slightly altered to resemble the childhood piece.


  • Arrange to have a maid come and clean your house (for your spouse) or the house of a friend for at least a month.


  • Make a gift basket and fill it with all of your gift recipient’s favorites. It can include food, hobby items like puzzles, bath stuff, smell goods, tools, electronics, toys, games, whatever…..


  • Write a personal song for your special friend and have it recorded by a talented vocalist friend, or hire someone to sing. Have it placed on a cd with printing and a cover. A bonus would be to have it shrink wrapped to. If you are not to artistic have a friend help or use a template from the many available printing programs, or free online.


  • Treat your parents to a day spa and let them be pampered on their schedule.


  • Make reservations for your entire family to enjoy a first class dining experience. Get all dressed up and rent a limousine for the evening.


  • Charter a yacht and enjoy an afternoon and evening including dinner on the water.


  • Help someone on your gift list to start a personal collection by providing the initial items for it. Something like state quarters, figurines, die cast models, etc.


  • Send a singing dancing telegram to your recipient
  • Have a personal message written in the sky


  • Reserve an entire venue just for your family and or close friends for an evening, or for a few hours before the regular opening time.


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