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Enjoy 24 hour living and dining in Las Vegas


If you live in Vegas now or are just planning a visit sometime soon you will be happy to know that those late night munchies that you might have can be satisfied with many different menu choices from an abundance of restaurants to choose from. All of the many different places to eat, and get those late night snacks are listed for you online at 24 Hour Las VEGAS . The site is updated pretty regularly so, check back often as there are more places updated weekly. So if  you’re coming to Vegas or are enjoying the city now, you can eat and shop around the clock, cause somethings never end!

St. Patrick’s Day: Another Christian Celebration turned Commercial

Did you know that the day we call St. Patrick’s day actually is a memorial of the life of a Christian man who went about Ireland setting up churches and converting men and women (pagans) to Christianity. The shamrock was used by Patrick, which is the name he took after he himself was converted to christianiy, to explain the trinity. It was a way of explaining how three different parts were contained in one whole piece. The day, March 17th was the day Patrick died, and was first celebrated in America in Boston. Now there is a tradition of wearing green and drinking beer that has spread all around the world. Some also believe that the celebration has remained popular because it also seemed to helped announce the coming days of spring. At any rate, there we are, yet another celebration of the life of a believer being ignored fo a more secular commerical and less Christ acknowledging expression. Yet the Lord reigneth and He’s still coming back……Note: watch the knees that bow when he arives!



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