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Houston, Texas: Texas A&M Freshman Tynesha Stewart Still Missing – “Prayers are Needed”

Our prayers are with the Family of Ms. Tynesha Stewart who has been missing since Thursday March 15. Tynesha who is a freshman at Texas A&M
University is 19 years old and needs the help and efforts of everyone around. The Parents of Ms. Stewart are no doubt distraught and are in need of any and everyone’s assistance in bringing this young lady home. Please remember and say a prayer for her when you talk to the Lord.

Daily Soul Quotes: “Have Tears….Will Wipe!”

You are not alone, despite of what it may look like to you, and even though you feel so cold and misunderstood. Those tears you’re crying are not dropping to the floor unseen. Your hurt is being felt by someone else. Every pain that racks your body, the hole that seems to drain your heart, it is not forgotten and not overlooked. There is rest for your mind, your heart, your body, and your soul right around the corner. Jesus knows and he cares. He has been holding you up and rocking you through it all. The only thing missing from you is to release it all and let him take the pain away. He ever liveth to heal you. It is His good pleasure to rescue you from destruction and calamity. His hand is ready to dry the tears and take the burdens you share away. Leave it with him and let your soul be free today. There is nothing brand new to the eyes of our God. You have a refuge and strong tower in the Lord Most High. Take the time to daily leave your burdens before Him, and look and live!


Daily Soul Quotes: “Pick a Key and Sing in it”

This a common phrase spoken to individuals who in their attempt to make melodious music with their voices often stop short of any melody that pleases the ear. They seem to have absolutely no control over where their voices will take them or us as they sporadically travel back and forth up the keyboard register note after note making absolutely no sense and causing hands to clasp ears quicker than an eye’s blink. How revolting and preposterous.

            This is also the feeling we derive from an individual who never seems to get a plan and stick to it. It is the visual illustration of many a started project but never a finished masterpiece. Listen, it is so unmistakably simple to begin many projects. What is remarkable and worth taking note of is the task and endeavor that has been worked, and re-worked until it is completed. That’s worth speaking about. We can all jump around from the latest and most innovative of ideas, but never completing them is absolutely positively un-cool. There needs to be this glue that causes us to endure our newly embarked plans and a force that will refuse to let us go before what has begun has been completed. The lessons learned along the way really prove more important than the end of the project, so this could even become the driving force behind such mental focus towards overcoming. It doesn’t work in school and is not good for the real life happenings.



Daily Soul Quotes: “Get what you want”

 “The way to what you want has a lot to do with the hunger you have to get it. Persistence and consistency pay off in great reward and dividends. Basically if you’ve been experiencing your wilderness period, or a time of drought and constant need, it’s time to examine your apetite for that thing that you have been desiring to have enter and change your life. When you cease to have a great urgency for a thing, it can often take second fiddle to whatever you are doing at the time. Consequently it never materializes for you. To bring this all in…..If you’re ready to change your today start packing for y our tomorrow. Start acting as if it is on the way…better yet that you have it….and watch it come in view, and soon in hand.”

Daily Soul Quotes: “You’re Next in Line” (Patience is a Virtue)

“Do not get out of line as you wait for your turn to come to experience real joy and peace. You may have been waiting for a long time, but the line is moving and you are up next. The worst thing you could do is get out of line and lose your position for your upcoming season of change and new beginning. Refuse to be cheated out of all you have patiently stood in line to recieve. You are not forgotten. Get ready, get set, stand still…..your blessing is on deck!”

Daily Soul Quotes: “Dealing with Your Pain”

“Your answer to your problem

Is not too far from your eye

In fact it’s closer to you sister

And I’ll let you know just why

For before you even started

To experience this pain

Your heavenly father had a plan

To help you to escape your rain

So the way out has been made

And my friend it won’t be long

You’ll understand the test was ordered

To build you up and make you strong”

-Kenny Martin Jr.

March 2, 2007

Copyright 2007, Kenneth L. Martin Jr. 



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