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It is soo very hard to losse sight of what is most important. There are so many things that are competing for our attention these days. From keeping up with the latest fashions, trends, and hobbies, health concerns, children, careers, church work, maintaining our homes, cars, friendships and keeping up with American Idol eliminations. It can be a challenge to keep this all in balance and to insure that you don’t collapse at the same time. The most important thing to remember is that in all you do you must remember to keep the main thing at the top. It’s all about perspective. Our relationship with Godis of most importance, for He give light to what should and how each is to be managed in what way. Your health is definitely important and must come next. If there is no you then what. Family is really after this becuase before any career or and outside work, charity begins at home. All this is followed by our Careers, and church work. A balanced life is what we’re looking for here, and keeping it all in perspective, will cause real balance to manifest. God Bless!

Is This Ministry or Just Music?

Ministry or Music

Growing up I always wanted to play an instrument for the Lord. I started out singing with my brother and sister around town in local churches as my father played the piano. That was really exciting and it instroduced me to worship and praise. Along with singing I started playing the drums at about five years old, and thought that I would always play them. My father bought my first set from a guy who was getting rid of them. I played that set for a few years and took it with me to church all the time too. After that he ponied up the dough to by me a brand new kit that I still have to this day. At any rate I really learned to love music and had so many opportunites to  grow as a musician even as a child. One thing I will never forget is the love for music and the love for God that my parents help to cultivate in me. I remember times when I was singing with my siblings and really feeling God’s presence upon me and not being able to do anything else but just shed tears or lift my hands while I sang. After finishing the song, there were times that my little 8 year old feet got light and I would leap not realizing what was really happening to me, but knowing that it was real special. I am thankful that the Lord allowed me to experience His touch so early, and it has been a constant reminder to me that God, indeed does love, speak to and endow little children too. There were many occasions where I had this experience and  I will never forget them. These experiences were extablishing a love and relationship for God in me that I would never be able to let go. I understand that as I sang songs unto the Lord with a sincere heart and worshiped His name with all my soul, that He was pleased with me and would come near me and actually allow His spirit to embrace me. he was in fact responding to what I was telling Him, and acknowledging the fact that He heard me and was happy with what I was saying and doing. On every occasion where he would respond I would feel lighter and would experience great peace and joy. He never came empty handed. I always felt as if I could do anything as long as His presence was near.  For this reason I will always yield to the Lord when His presence comes into a place, and as He begins to move within me. I am not held captive to a song or to an instrument when I sing or play. The music I play and the songs I sing are to give glory and honor unto the Lord and to show Him just how much I love Him, therefore should He chose to visit and live in my praise as His word says He does, the singing stops and the playing ends to listen and to hear his response. I know that after I have another experience in His presense I’ll be changed for ever. True sincere worship from any musician, choir member, vocalist, worshiper will always get the attention off the Lord, and the ultimate result is that He will take the time to respond to your worship. Here is the key. When He responds, please take the time to listen to what it is He is saying. Stop playing, stop singing, and just listen. If you are indeed attempting to get the attention of the Almighty, it is a good idea to allow Him the opportunity to show up and show out. There is nothing more frustrating to a service than to witness a group of talented conceeded individuals who will not let go of the microphone or the instrument when the spirit of God is moving in the place. Mission accomplished, he’s here, now let go and let GOD have HIs Way!

You’re on the right road.

It is a tactic of the adversary to make you believe that the road you are traveling on is not the one that will lead you to your destiny. You must know and remind yourself daily that obstacles, tests and trials are apart of the journey. In order for you to reach the promise you must conquer the perils and pitfalls of the process for their purpose is for your perfection. Your perception of every problem is paramount to your prevailing. If you can change your thoughts towards these tests you can use them as stepping stones to your success. When God is involved, a promise is a promise and is sure to come to pass. You must believe and allow God to show himself and his power and Glory through you. What you need to succeed is already been planted within you and God wants to use it to bless you!

You’re almost There! ….Don’t Quit!!!!!

You’re so close to your breakthrough that the light is starting to shine through. It’s normally at the time it seems darkest and you feel the weakest that we lose sight of the promise of our soon coming change and deliverance from the prevailing storm. Take courage because the darkness provides a platform and introduction for the brightness of the sun. It is coming and you will be freed from the terror by night. Don’t let the lack of light cause you too lose faith in the everelasting covenant of the Father. “God is not a man that He should Lie……If He said it, will He not do it?” It shall , it will, it must come to pass!

When faith runs short….!

There will come times In life in which our ability to believe inspite of all that we’ve experienced and what we are facing at the present time will be hindered. We might even feel as though there is nothing left for us to count on and no help available to rescue us from our rapidly approaching fate. These times are just right for another spiritual principle to kick in and charge us forward through the battling seas to reach the promise of the sandy peaceful beaches of life. This principle says that when I don’t understand it and can’t seem to perceive it,; when my belief in it won’t give me the strength to move towards it, I must be obedient to the voice that call s me to it and launch forth regardless of the feelings. My wings may not have been tested, but the manufacturer of such aerial dynamic objects is creator of the wind that carries them, the tree I dive from, and the body that holds them. Therefore, what shall I fear, for I am not forgotten and I will surely overcome this test to speak on it another day. So, let me say this to you strong and mighty believer of Christ, when you just can’t seem to walk by faith and not by sight, start walking towards the voice who’s calling in obedience and watch you’re your dark period get swallowed by the awesomeness of God’s Light! -Soulworshiper



July 2020