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Daily Soul Quotes: “Dealing with Your Pain”

“Your answer to your problem

Is not too far from your eye

In fact it’s closer to you sister

And I’ll let you know just why

For before you even started

To experience this pain

Your heavenly father had a plan

To help you to escape your rain

So the way out has been made

And my friend it won’t be long

You’ll understand the test was ordered

To build you up and make you strong”

-Kenny Martin Jr.

March 2, 2007

Copyright 2007, Kenneth L. Martin Jr. 

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Time Management Tips – Before you start any pojects

Please remember that the strength you need to do the things you do in the time you do it in with the hands you use to do it, as you plan it all out in your intelligent mind, while inhaling the oxygen it needs to keep you alive, is all compliments of the Father up above who so gracefully gives it, and who so patiently waits to hear you say I appreciate it. He’s got an endless supply of it all for you, so make sure you don’t stiff Him when it comes to using the above mentioned necessities for HIS work. You’ll be glad you did.

Note: Sowing comes just before Reaping!!! But please know that you shall reap whatever you sow!

Now go and live!

Practical Personal Development

Copyright 2007, Kenneth L. Martin Jr.

SoulWorshiper is who I AM! The Music, The Message, The Man, Kenny Martin Jr.

SOULWORSHIPER| The Dialogue of Relational Praise &

Soul worshiper describes me to the bone. I say this because life has been a great teacher; and what it has taught me is to give myself completely in everything that I do. If there is going to be any time put into what my hands mind and heart try, i’ve got to give it my heart and soul. It remains useless and worthless if there is no soul tie connected to the activity. I love music and I love to play it. However, at this juncture & season in my life I’ve notice and realized the difference between performance and real worship ministry. Both may sound good and draw a response from people, but only one gets the attention of the Father. When I’m at my best in music, someone (possibly even myself) might have an emotional experience and feel a warm or chilled feeling come over them, and it might possibly cause them to ponder a decision and make a turn for the good. The soulful sound of the worshiper will however cause a supernatural occurrence from the hand of Jehovah to totally transform that person’s life and bring complete peace and pure love. These are the results that speak for themselves. When the listener can leave the musical experience with a renewed, rejuvenated, relaxed, and revived life, then the longevity that men pay millions for will come.

Kenny Martin



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