You’ve provided for every possible attack and threat to your personal well being. You’ve got insurances up the wazzoo on everything but your toothbrush and overalls. Your 401K and retirement plan is being fully funded for th years to come. You have read as many books as you can about personal development and have made sure that you undesrtand the 7 steps to a better you. You have gotten full control of your emotions and when it comes to legal issues you have all the professionals in your corner. You have assembled your own financial dream team to lead you down the path the riches and wealth. You’re not worried and not concerned because your education is enough to put you in the right positions making the right money in the right city. Oh but wait, life asks more of you than that. Guess what all of this would be enough if your adversary was able to use what you have to benefit his own life and could spend the money you make. Nope, sorry he’s not after any of that. There are smoke screens and picks that are set up before you that makes it seem as though the attack is on your STUFF!!. Truth is he is after something that your money could never purchase. What he really wants is your influences, character, dignity, and integrity. If he can cause you to compromise in the areas of your life that are most important, and make you contradict your own confessed beliefs and principles. As long as your stay in limbo as to whether or not u should continue to observe and do all that you’ve been convicted by God to do. He wants a married man to live a life of deciet and iniquity, always giving himself the excuse that his humanity and masculinity are the cause of his need for a second companion aside from the one he is in convenant with. He desires you to take unfair advantage of others when you know it will allow you to be promoted and greatly benefited monetarily. He is excited to see you live a life of unfaithful character never ever being able to be trusted with any job or project without close supervision. He’s after the bigger thing. After you lose your character, integrity, and dignity, it is attack attack attack! He’ll kick you when you’re down. This truth only serves to remind us to remember to take heed lest we falter in the times of temptation. We wrestle not against flesh and blood… It is not a fight against the natural things of this earth, but a struggle with those unseen, yet more important and lasting areas of our lives. Money & Things can be replaced in a fair amount of time, but character, dignity, and integrity once damaged may possibly never be repaired. Think wisely using the principles of God’s Word to guide you before you make a decision to make that move. It could cost you your influence, character, and dignity.

God Bless!


1 Response to “He not after that…….”

  1. 1 siyabonga June 20, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    Wow so true

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