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No More Gifts For you…..!

Have you ever Heard these words or spoken them to a child?


“I’m tired of giving you things that you won’t use. I got that for you last year and it’s still in the package, you won’t open it and you keep playing with the old stuff. You don’t appreciate what I’ve given you and you keep asking for more. When will you learn to appreciate the gifts I’ve already given you. You will not get another gift from me until I see you start using the gifts I’ve already given to you. You told me that was what you really wanted and that you would be satisfied with it. You won’t use it and you won’t allow anyone else to either. “


Well I do believe our Father is sharing this message with His children today. 


He has given gifts beyond measure that lie dormant and on the shelf, unused, and untapped. He is not happy. Stop asking the Lord to open the door for you and to make room for you if you have not begun using what He has already given you. I do believe His heart is hurt when we sit down on the gifts He’s imparted unto us. Not only is He hurt for the lack of use, He gave the gift to bless and edify His people while glorifying Him. Hurting people all over are crying out to the Lord for an answer, and He anoints sanctified vessels for the purpose of bringing liberty and total deliverance to them. You do not need more, you need to do more. Step forth in the call of the Lord, say no more that I do not have enough room, or opportunity. Everyday, wherever you walk, you are given the opportunity to share your gift. The seed has been planted, now it is time to allow it to breathe and grow.



May 2020