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I had the pleasure of sitting down to talk with one of music’s newest sensations-Ms. Chrisette Michele. Not only is this talented songstress genuine and down to earth, she also brings new,soulful flavor to the R&B genre. Her album “I AM” is finally in stores (I know I’m not the only one that’s been hitting up her myspace everyday just to listen to the dope tracks!) and if I do say so myself, I see it shooting up the charts. Chrisette is also a burgeoning fashionista. As a beautifully curvaceous sista who is proud of the skin she’s in, she is setting a precedent for the young, curvy and fabulous-2 snaps! Here’s what Chrisette had to share about life, music, and most importantly-style.

Pennivy: Your album is titled “I AM”, tell us-who is Chrisette Michele-what should the world know about you?

Chrisette Michele: Chrisette Michele is definitely a mixture of a bunch of different, wonderful elements. I’m R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop-you name it!

Pennivy: You call your album one of your greatest achievements, what do you really want people to take away from “I AM”

Chrisette Michele: I want people to feel empowered. No matter what�whatever relationship they’re going through. It’s all about loving themselves.

Pennivy: I love the range of your voice, each song reveals a different side of the musical Rubik’s cube. What thoughts and influences go through your mind when you sing?

Chrisette Michele:
I try to be unlimited in my music. R. Kelly is one of my favorite artists because ‘Step in the Name of Love’ doesn’t sound anything like “I’m A Flirt.” His music is everywhere. I like to have variety. I created 60 songs for my album and L.A.(Reid) scaled it down. He could have compiled all the ones that sounded similar, but he decided to showcase my versatility.

Pennivy: Your album is one of the most soulful works of R&B to come along in a long time, why do you think R&B has been missing its essence?

Chrisette Michele: I don’t really know what people mean when they say that. R&B used to be more about singing. Now it’s a different art form but I find it beautiful both ways.

Pennivy: How do you hope your music will impact the music industry?

Chrisette Michele: I am excited to be added to the R&B roster. I hope to showcase my live instrumentation, live shows-just everything live and vocals that are pro-tools free; something that I don’t think everyone feels comfortable doing.

Pennivy: How do you stay grounded and maintain a sense of self in this hectic industry?

Chrisette Michele:
Through my family. I could have moved out of my house but I made a decision to stay and be around my family. One of the first things I want to do is buy a big house that can fit all of my family in it. Those are the people that keep me grounded.

Pennivy: I bet you never dreamed of all the things you would experience in 2007, where do you see yourself in 2012?

Chrisette Michele: In 5 years, I see myself as a flourishing artist, touring. I want to be known as a great performer. I also see myself in a movie.

Pennivy: Do you ever clash with your label or stylist over your image?

Chrisette Michele: No, because Chrisette Michele is being put together every day. I change my mind all the time. My music is everywhere because my mind is everywhere. That’s one of the reasons I love being a girl. I look up to people like Lady Day (Billie Holliday).

Chriesette Michele: What are some of your favorite designers?

Pennivy: My favorite designer is Elie Tahari. His jeans and dresses are very stylish and very ladylike-the fit is just amazing . I have on a pair right now! As for gowns, I love A.B.S gowns-not everything has to be made. A.B.S fits very nicely around the curves.

Pennivy: Who are some of your style icons?

Chrisette Michele:
Audrey Hepburn definitely-I think she’s so cool. I also love showstoppers-like Diana Ross and Beyonce. Amy Winehouse-she likes to wear fluffy dresses–it’s an oxymoron, I like that.

Pennivy: Finally, what style tips do you have to share?

Chrisette Michele: Well, I am a BIG fan of lip gloss. I hate putting on lip gloss and having it wear off. My trick is to line my lips with a pink pencil, then fill them in with a lipstick that’s the same color, and top it off with my favorite gloss. I am a big M.A.C fan and I also love Stila watermelon lip glaze. I’m a big make-up girl, so anything you need to know.

Pennivy: Say no more Chrisette. I will definitely be consulting her for more tips. For now, I have ‘Good Girl’ on repeat and am off to find a pair of Elie Tahari skinny jeans.

Visit here to incorporate some of Chrisette’s Style into your own wardrobe:

Elie Tahari

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A Beautiful wonderful blend of soulful warmth

A Beautiful wonderful blend of soulful warmth

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